Columbia Criminal Defense Lawyers

Did you get caught or alleged to have committed a criminal offense? If proved guilty, you face some number of harsh sentences. There is no denying that you don't wish to be proved guilty. Fortunately, you are innocent until proven guilty. What remains now is to defend your innocence. Unfortunately, you are most likely to say what will prove you guilty that prove your innocence. Again, it is worth reminding you that you have the right to remain silent for any question that you are asked until you have criminal defense lawyer to talk on your behalf. It is good to seek a defense lawyer, talk about your case and then leave everything else to the lawyer. This has the opportunity to ensure that you don't say anything that can be used against you in a court of law.

Unlike other types of cases, criminal cases must be taken to the courts of law. Unlike other cases where the prosecutor is an individual, criminal cases are prosecuted by the police. They have some more knowledge about cases than you are. They will easily get information that is necessary to convict you than you can get information that can free you. They are the government and you are the individual. This shows how vulnerable you are when you face a criminal offense case. You have the obligation to defend your innocence. Visit for more details. 

If you can't prove your innocence, you could be sentenced to life imprisonment for severe crime charge. You may be sentenced from few months in the jail to several years in the maximum security prisons. Life in the prison is life without freedom. The best descriptions are a pale life. You won't have the time to party with your family. You won't see your fiance as you wish. You will not be able to take your children to school or you won't complete your education. You will loose your career and your family might suffer for this. It is the highest form of punishment you would wish for yourself and for your family. Perhaps, you would be required to pay a fine and leave. This I better than any other sentence.

The lawyer may not always succeed in making you free from the accusations. However, he/she can bargain for the lesser charges which will have lenient or a better punishment. The lawyer may also plead for a more lenient sentence for you and this can be what you need. Get started by contacting Michael Jeffcoat .